Summary of status report nr 2 – 2013-09-01

In work packages WP1 and WP2 a range of solutions have been developed to improve tool interoperability and ease of use in the development of CAD / CAE and simulators. The focus is on systems that combine rigid body dynamics, flexible components , driveline and control systems . A study has begun into how different organizations engaged in simulation work today and development potential for increased innovation capacity. A first survey study is completed. In WP4 – WP7 several sharp development projects has been carried out in which simulation / simulators has played a key role in the innovation process. These projects have resulted in good practices and lessons learned about working and development opportunities.

This fall the technically oriented work packages WP1 and WP2 will go into an integration phase to be showcased in demonstrators and made available to the consortium. With excitementwe follow the promising work of for example master- solver for strongly coupled simulation – in which the subsystems are distributed modules computed with respective different software but communicates with the master solver with standardized formats . The investigation into the simulation in development will continue in the fall with in-depth interviews within the consortium and contacts with additional organizations.

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