The interaction of vehicles with ore and muck can have huge impact on vehicle performance and lifetime. The goal was concept development and verification, as well as increased understanding of the dynamics involved in machines in their work cycle. Of special interest was the interaction of machines with large amounts of bodies such as ore or muck. Leaflet (pdf).

Several underground mining vehicles were simulated.

● The concept version of an underground drill
● The mine truck MT 42, with focus on the dump box
● A concept version of a new truck dump box
Atlas Copco provided Algoryx with concept and construction models as well as physical properties of various machine parts. Algoryx applied the physical properties to the models using Dynamics for SpaceClaim, and placed the machine model in modifiable simulation environments, allowing Atlas Copco to run, modify and analyze simulations. With increased understanding and in discussion between Atlas Copco and Algoryx, tools and models where gradually adapted and adjusted during the project phase.



The work package led to an increased understanding of the processes involved in the machine work cycle. For the prototype simulations, several design decisions could be aided by simulation results. For the mine truck MT42, an increased understanding of the load distribution during different stages in the work cycle could be gained, which can be used for future development of dump boxes.

This case was a joined work package between Atlas Copco Rock Drills AB and Algoryx Simulation AB.

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