A prototype multilingual model composition tool

Composer is a prototype tool for composing simulation of dynamical systems. The tool is

  • multilingual
  • database centric
  • web based


The prototype combine the SVG format with the FMI standard. An XML-based model description of FMI is used for describing the interface for each component, in a language independent way. Simulation parameters can also be expressed on this form, and integrated as metadata into the SVG image.

The prototype, using SVG in conjunction with FMI, is implemented in JavaScript and allow creation and modification of block diagrams directly in the web browser. Generated SVG images are sent to the server where they are translated to program code, allowing the simulation of the dynamical system to be executed using selected implementations. An alternative mode is to generate optimization problem from the system definition and model parameters. The simulation/optimization result is returned to the web browser where it is plotted or processed using other standard libraries.

The composer application is implemented and demonstrator for simulation and optimization of a fiber production proces at a paper plant. The models are implemented in Modelica (as ODE) and in Python (as a discrete event system) but share the same model data, that may be edited in Composer. From the model descripton a mixed integer optimization problem can be generated and solved.

Demo: link

Further reading: abstract, slide

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