During 2012-2014, Simovate is run as a project in the program Challenge driven innovation initiated by VINNOVA – Sweden’s Innovation Agency. The purpose of the project is to radically improve of the innovation capability using simulation in development of complex products and processes. In particular, the project focuses on vehicle, manufacturing and process industries.


Increased knowledge and prolonged design freedom using simulation early in the development process.

The main goal is a methodology and technology platform that support easy access and interoperability in data, models and tools for simulation through the different stages in development phases, e.g., idea and conceptual design, system engineering, test, sales and operator training. The expected benefits from the methodology and platform are

  • reduced time and resource for the process of going from idea to developed product/process
  • improved quality of end products
  • increased capacity for innovation and flexibility in organizations

Today’s simulation technology have significant limitations in its capability to transfer data and models between different tools and stages in computer based development of products and processes. These limitations obstruct cooperation and synergy between the different stages in the development process. This also disconnects people and organizations with different expertice. A number of recent advances in simulation technology can eliminate these limitations and enable more efficient use of simulation technology with more room for innovation and creativity. The project introduces solutions for efficient management of simulation data, models and tools throughout the development phases. The solutions benefit from several on-going initiatives for standardization and link together both general-purpose and new specialized simulation tools into a well functioning technology platform. The platform and methodology for simulation and simulator driven product and process development is tested in several sharp industrial projects.

Participating organisations in the stage 2 project in VINNOVA’s program Challenge-driven Innovation running 2012-09 to 2014-09 are Algoryx Simulation, Atlas Copco, Enmesh, Linköpings University (PELAB), LKAB, Modelon, Optimation, Oryx Simulations, SKF, Skogforsk, Svea Teknik, Umeå University (UMIT Research Lab), Volvo Construction Equipment, Volvo Trucks. The budget in stage 2 is 20 MSEK which VINNOVA and the consortium fund to equal parts.

In the current stage, the project is organized in the following work packages:

WP1-2. Technology platform
The platform support interconnection, interoperability, and interchangeability of mathematical models and simulation software modules, and provide for distributed computing with a client-server execution architecture. Components for fast and user-friendly editing and analysis of complex system simulation.

  • platform architecture (WP1)
  • dynamic interoperability (WP2.1)
  • reduction library (WP2.2)
  • simulator editor (WP2.3)
  • FMI export (WP2.4)

WP3. Simulation based development in an organizational perspective
Analysis of the current situation in industry and trends regarding simulation based development. How should organization, development processes and business models change to benefit more from simulation technology? How to estimate the expected economic benefit from using simulation? The work involves study of academic research papers and industry reports as well as interviews.

WP4-7. Cases: product and process development projects
The benefits and obstacles with using simulation in product and process development is explored in industry projects. New simulation technology is also tested and demonstrated.

  • Demonstrator Mining (WP4)
  • Balling Plant Simulator (WP5)
  • Full-scale Vehicle Simulator (WP6)
  • Load forces in vehicles and machines (WP7)