The Simovate platform support interconnection, interoperability, and interchangeability of mathematical models and simulation software modules, and provide for distributed computing with a client-server execution architecture.

This create interoperability

  • between the different stages of development – simulation data and models with different level of detail
  • between simulation tools – co-simulation and distributed applications


The technology platform can also be turned into a market place and innovation platform

  • combine standard CAD and CAE software with specialized and new tools
  • combine closed and open data and software
  • possibility of new bussiness models with simulation dsitributed in the cloud

The platform make use of several open standards including Functional Mockup Interface (FMI), HTML5 and the Modelica language. Any software with support for FMI can be interconnected with the platform. Currently the following software are involved test and development of the Simovate platform: AgX Dynamics, Dymola, GoSimulate, JModelica, Matlab & Simulink, OpenModelica, Oryx Simulatons Platform, SpaceClaim, SKF Beast.