The platform support interconnection, interoperability, and interchangeability of mathematical models, data and simulation software modules. Key features include

Distributed and modular co-simulation

The platform make use of several open standards including Functional Mockup Interface (FMI), HTML5 and the Modelica language and any software with support for FMI can be interconnected with the platform. The Simovate solution include

  • Database solution for co-simulation with FMI over network
  • FMI/TCP communication protocol for master-slave architecture
  • Co-simulation master algorithms for loose and strong coupling

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In particular, a co-simulation master algorithm for strong coupling of mechanical subsystems has been developed and realtime interactive performance shown feasible. The coupling is modeled as a DAE and stepper uses constraint regularization and the subsystem directional derivatives. Using full parallelism, the number of slave solves needed for the the coupling of the systems is linear with the number of coupled variables.
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Hierarchical modeling

hierchialAn hierarchical modeling approach is used to achieve subsystem modularity and ability to switch between realtime simulation with coarse models and off-line simulation with high level of accuracy. A model reduction library is developed for flexible bodies, including hierarchical FEM modeling of components with a small number of  specified connections between components that can be described as a basic joint. This provide an interface for coupling flexible and rigid bodies. Modeling of flexible materials, hydraulics and electronics in the same mathematical language as constrained rigid multibody dynamics provide realtime performance of mechatronic systems.

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Tools for editing and managing simulations

Some special tools have been developed to support a fast and easy setup of simulations that make use of the Simovate platform

  • Vehicle simulator editor
  • 3D modeling and CAD conversion for rigid and flexible multibody simulation
  • Box-diagram editor for distributed and modular FMU co-simulation

Read more: papers, technical reports, slides, demos, blog entries.